“What is it really going to cost me?”

The following graph is a list of initial expenditures with an estimate of costs. Actual costs vary depending on local market prices and are stated here for illustration only. The arrangements negotiated and the business decisions made by each franchise owner are on an individual basis. Therefore, the experience of a particular franchise owner may not correspond with the information depicted below.

Initial Franchise Fee $12,500
Equipment & Supply Package $3,000
Advertising–Escrow Account Deposit* $20,000
Training: 6 days in Denver N/C
Marketing Support: 1-week Training N/C
Training Materials: Video, Manuals, etc. N/C
Working Capital Funds $10-20,000
TOTAL Initial Investment $45,500-$55,500

*A one-time “marketing fee” expense includes advertising to generate business from qualified homes in your protected territory.

The franchisee is required to develop the business of cleaning, serving as the owner/manager, not as one of the cleaners.