Meet the Team

Dr Joe Calhoon – Veterinarian / Pharmaceutical executive founded Home Cleaning Centers of America in 1982 in Kansas City.

His son Mike sold his Manufacturer’s Representative business in 1986 and moved from Minneapolis to Kansas City so he could join the family business and help expand.

Dennis & Robin Friesen joined HCCA as a franchisee in 1991 and quickly became key management for the whole company and instrumental in its success.

In 2012 Mike’s son Brad continued the family tradition by purchasing the Olathe/Kansas City franchise and bringing new insight to the company which has franchises across the country. Brad’s business experience in commercial real estate sales and mortgage banking have been invaluable with new insights for the future of HCCA.

HCCA has won numerous national awards as one of the best franchise systems in America by Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, USA Today / Quality Cup Award and other prominent industry experts.

The future looks very bright for this house cleaning company that has Quality and Customer Service as its #1 priority.


Mike & Jeanette Calhoon

President & Vice President

(Corporate Headquarters)
Leawood, KS


Dennis Friesen

Vice President

(Denver, CO)

Joined HCCA in 1991 as a Franchisee …became a District Manager & Stockholder in 1996 V.P. in 2007


Robin Friesen

District Manager

Denver, CO

Joined HCCA in 1991 as a Franchisee – became a District Manager in 2011


Brad Calhoon

District Manager

Kansas City Metro

Joined HCCA in 2012 as a Franchisee – became a District Manager in 2017